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Photos for Thursday 15th March

Hello everyone. Unfortunately there were no photos taken this week, apologies for this but everyone had fun. The Shaped Sponge Printing for the craft was great fun as every child did at least two each, and the dolls house was constantly surrounded by children. The ladies from the Towns Women’s guild were there with the tea, coffee and toast, as well as the usual activities such as playdoh, ball pool and shop and kitchen. Activities for tomorrow to follow. Regards. 🙂

Photos for Thursday 8th March

Hello. Here are the photos for last Thursday playgroup. The craft was extremely popular this week as making drums was lats of fun, and every single drum got taken. We also had the big Happyland houses and the Tea Party with water, which is great fun, as someone always ends up wet. Still fund raising for new tables, please help if you can. Activities for tomorrow to follow. Regards.

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Activities for Thursday 8th March

Hello everyone. Here are tomorrow’s activities:
The craft is Making Drums, (Photo 1)
On the Tuff Spot, we have Tea Party with Water, (Photo 2)
for the Baby Activity, we have Water Painting, (Photo 3),
and for the Toddler Activity, we have Large Happyland Houses. (Photo 4)
Regards, and see you there.

Note: We will be having a toy sale for donations towards replacing our red tables with more lightweight blue folding tables. Hope you can help out. Regards.

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Photos for Thursday 22nd Feburary

Hello, here are the photos from last Thursday’s playgroup. Thank you to everyone who came out in the cold, and thank you to those who donated for our toys. Everyone had fun. We had ride ons out, as well as the tuffspot, ball pool, playdoh, and baby area. Hoping for better weather next week. Regards.
Activities for tomorrow to follow.
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