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Photos for Thursday 23rd November

Hello. Here are the photos from last Thursday’s playgroup. All of the children had lots of fun this week, with the small world farm and the craft (painting), both pulling in a crowd. We were busy again with more new faces. Welcome and glad to hear that our message is getting out. Hope you all had fun. The blackboard and chalk was good and some children got covered in it. The ladies from the Town Women’s Guild were these was they are every week, woth tea, coffee and toast. Hope to see you all tomorrow. Regards.
Activities for tomorrow to follow.
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Photos from Thursday 16th November

Here are the photos of last Thursday’s playgroup. The children had a lot of fun especially with the two tunnels and the tent, constantly full of children. We also made lots of craft, lots of fabulous mask were made. Well done everyone. We also had the dolls house and the threading for the babies. Great fun all round.

Activities for tomorrow to follow.


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Photos for Thursday 9th November


Here are photos from lost Thursday’s playgroup. All of the children had a great time, we were really busy, which lots of new children. We had wieghing out with porridge oats and wheatabix to wiegh. We also had playdoh, the baby area, and christmas spin painting for the craft. All fun. Hope to see you soon.

Activities for tomorrow to follow:

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Activities for Thursday 9th November

Hello Everyone. Its been half term and we’re back. Hope you all have had a good week. We have got lots of activities for this week.
Here are Thursday’s activities:
The Toddler Activity, we have Rainbow Prints and Teddies Colour Match. (Photo 1)
The craft is Christmas Spin Painting, (Photo 2)
for the Baby Activity, we have Water paint on sugar paper (Photo 3),
On the Tuff Spot, we have Weighing, (Photo 4)
We also have our regular activities such as the playdoh, shop and kitchen and ball pool.
Regards, and see you there.
Rainbow SortingSpin Painting Water Painting copy weighing cereal