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Annual Deep Clean

Hello everyone.

We are doing the annual deep clean of all the toys. If your available to help, then please come along. All of the toys will be out and any children will be free to play with any of them at no charge. Please bring a pair a marigolds (rubber gloves) with you. All cleaning products will be provided. We will be meeting at the church at 9am tomorrow (Friday 1st Sept). We can provide water and juice for everyone, however, you will need to bring your own food. If you are coming, please message below, so we know who to expect.

Thank you and Regards.

Something to do…………… Summer Activity 3

Hi, Hope you are all making the most of the weather and thoroughly enjoying yourselves.

Here’s something to do in those moments when the need arises….

I haven’t tried this out with my crew yet but I like the look of this.
All you need is a white paper plate – large ones might be best here and coloured ones might work well??? Card in assorted colours, recycled card will do well, pva and scissors, maybe googly eyes.
Draw around your childs’ hands on card and cut out. Cut facial features – lots of shapes and styles to work with on the picture above – and stick it all together. You could cut out eye shapes from the plate and turn it into a mask if you’d like to.

Have fun and be creative

Clown handprint plate

Something to do… Summer Activity 2

Hello, everyone,
Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine when we have it, and when we don’t here is something to try with the kids.
You will need a paper plate each, small sponges or even just scrunched up paper, paint, scissors and laces.
Cut a shell shape out of the paper plate then using a little paint only, sponge or scrunch paint onto the plate – one colour or several is up to you. Leave it to dry thoroughly.
For the little ones use a hole punch to make holes, or scissors to make slits around the edge of the plate and let the children thread through them. You don’ have to use laces, try ribbon, thick string or lace.
For the older ones try different patterns with the holes – perhaps on four sides to let them weave wool, cord, thread. Add fewer holes at the base to the top creating fan shapes. Don’t put the holes in a straight line – what will happen then? Zigzags, curves ….?? Try it and see.
Have fun,
Lacing paper plates