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Something to do… Summer Activity

Something to do….

This is something I did today with my girls (aged 2,3,5 and 11) that they all happily joined in with. We went down to the beach, spent an hour looking for shells, flat stones, small stones, dry seaweed and anything else we liked the look of, each of them choosing their own things to put in their own bucket. We came home when the tide came in and they made collages with what they had found.

All they needed was a sheet of card and some pva. The stickers were a bonus and not essential.


Photos for Thursday 6th July

Here are the photos from last Thursday’s playgroup, the 6th July. We were outside was we had good weather, with the sandpit, craft and shop and kitchen all setup in the wonderful sunshine. All of the children had fun and we are hoping for good weather again next week.

Activities for tomorrow to follow.

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Activities for Thursday 6th July

Hi all,
These are the activities:
The craft is sponge painting (photo 1)
On the tuff spot we have the tea party with water (photo 2)
For the baby activity we have posting paint swatches into cans (photo 3)
And for the toddler activity we have magic painting (photo 4)
See you there x

Oh and only two weeks to go until our summer party!!!!!!!
I’ll but the food list by the sign in sheet both tomorrow and the following week so you can pop your names by the item you want to bring. I can’t wait.
Thank you x

Photos for Thursday 29th June

Here are the photos from Thursday 29th June. All of the children had a good time. We had the easels out with painting on one side and chalk on the other, and the children loved it. We also had the usual activities out, the baby area, playdoh, shop and kitchen.

Photos for Thursday 6th July to follow.

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