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Activities for Thursday 29th June

Hello everyone. Here are tomorrow’s activities:
The craft is Large Easels with Painting and Chalk (Photo 1)
On the Tuff Spot, we have Emergency Services, (Photo 2)
for the Baby Activity, we have Muffin Tin Sorting (Photo 3),
and for the Toddler Activity, we have Small Jigsaws. (Photo 4)
Regards, and see you there.


TS EmergencyMuffin Tin Sorting


Photos for Thursday 22nd June

Here are the photos from last Thursday’s playgroup. All of the children had fun with some of the playgroup set outside, due to decent weather. We had cereal weighing, which was great though some the children had more fun eating the cereal rather then weighing but that was fine, as well as tissue plates for the craft and the baby area full. It was nice to see our new children return again for another session.
Activities for tomorrow to follow.
Note: As some of you may or maynot know, I will be going on maternity leave very soon. I will try and keep you up-to-date with the playgroup online as best as I can until then. As a result you may get several weeks activities put up in advance at the same time to compensate. Please bear with us. I am planning on being back at playgroup for the summer party on the 20th July. Hope to see all then.





Activities for Thursday 22nd June

Hello all.
Due to circumstances, I’m afraid that the activities for today’s playgroup are not available to post online in advance at the moment, however they all will be there. Our sincerest apologies for this. However this does mean that you all have a very nice surprise when you arrive today. The usual activities will be out, such as the baby area, playdoh, slides, shop and kitchen, and ball pool. Hope to see you later.
Thank you and Regards.

Photos for Thursday 5th June

Here are the photos from last Thursday’s playgroup. Everyone had a lovely time as we were inside this week, but it was dry enough though a little chilly for the ride-ons to be out. The insects was great fun for the little ones, and lots of giraffes were made for the craft. Hoping for good weather for tomorrow.
Activities for tomorrow to follow.
2017-06-15-605 2017-06-15-608 2017-06-15-609 2017-06-15-610 2017-06-15-611

Photos for Thursday 8th June

Hello, here are the photos from last Thursday’s playgroup. We would like to welcome all of our new children this week. We hoped that you all had fun. We had spin painting this week as well as the airport on the Tuffspot. We also had the playdoh, happyland, dolls and pushchairs and slides out. All good fun and if good weather tomorrow, we will be outside. Hope to see you then.

Activities for tomorrow to follow.

2017-06-08-595 2017-06-08-596 2017-06-08-597 2017-06-08-598 TS Airport

Photos for Thursday 25th May

Hello, here are the photos from last Thursday’s playgroup. The one before half term. We had glorious weather, so the entire playgroup was outside. We had ride-ons, ice, kitchen and dinning room, happyland and baby area all outside and for the first time in a long time, the trampoline. We had tea and toast inside, as it is easier and then followed it with singing and parachute on the grass, in the sun afterwards.
Hope you have all had a lovely half term. Activities for tomorrow to follow.
2017-05-25-583 2017-05-25-584 2017-05-25-585 2017-05-25-587 2017-05-25-588 2017-05-25-589 2017-05-25-590 2017-05-25-591 2017-05-25-592 2017-05-25-593