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Photos for Thursday 18th May

Hello everyone, another glorious day last week at playgroup, though a little windy, so we decided to have the session, half inside and half outside. It worked very well. We had the rinde-ons, sandpit and slides outside and the craft, baby area and toddler activity inside. Hope for good weather tomorrow and that the fog clears.
Activities for tomorrow to follow.
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Photos for Thursday 11th May

Here are the photos from last Thursday’s playgroup. We were outside this week as we had beautiful weather. We had all of the toys and activities outside, including the sand pit, happyland, and playdoh. We also had the baby area outside was well, with tea, toast and craft inside, where there is more room and the wind won’t cause issues. Hope for good weather tomorrow.
Activities for tomorrow to follow.
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Photos for Thursday 4th May

Here are the photos from last Thursday playgroup. We had glorious weather so we had the ride-ons out outside as well as some cars on a tuff spot. We made Cats for the craft and had the circus tent out instead of the shop for the first time in ages, which was great fun. Always had a least 6 children in it at any one time. Hoping for good weather tomorrow. Thank you to all who came to help put out and clear up, we will need your help again tomorrow.
Activities for tomorrow to follow.
Thank you and regards.
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Activities for Thursday 4th May

Hello everyone. Here are today’s activities:
The craft is Cats (Photo 1)
On the Tuff Spot, we have Fairies, (Photo 2)
for the Baby Activity, we have Water Paint on Sugarpaper, (Photo 3),
and for the Toddler Activity, we have Rainbow prints and Teddies Colour Match. (Photo 4)
Regards, and see you there.
Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 07.00.20 Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 07.00.37 Water Painting copySAMSUNG

Photos for Thursday 27th April

Here are the photos from last Thursday’s playgroup. Apologies for the lateness. We had the tea party with water is week and it went everywhere. Its all fun. We had a new arrival this week of one of our regulars and we would all like to give our congratulations to the family. Both mother and new baby are doing well and it was great to see them. We also had threading and spin painting which always go down well and the ladies for tea and toast.
Activities for today’s playgroup to follow.
Note: Two of our regular volunteers are on holiday for the next 3 weeks. If you are available to give is a hand in setting up and putting away during that time, we would really appreciate it.
Thank you and Regards.
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