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Photos for Thursday 16th March

Hello, here are the photos from last Thursday’s playgroup. Everyone had lots of fun with all of the activities on offer this week. The craft was great fun as was the colouring and playdoh. The slides were out again, both with a que of children which was very cute. We also had parachute and singing as usual.

Activities for tomorrow to follow.
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Activities for Thursday 16th March

Hello everyone. Here are tomorrow’s activities. As two of the activities were changed last week by mistake, we will be running them again this week:
The craft is Underwater Collage (Photo 1)
On the Tuff Spot, we have Multimedia Drawing, (Photo 2)
for the Baby Activity, we have Jelly Trays, (Photo 3)
and for the Toddler Activity, we have Magic Painting. (Photo 4)
Regards, and see you there.



Multi media drawing tsJelly go 2 copymagic painting copy

Photos for Thursday 9th March

Hello, here are the photos from last Thursday’s playgroup. We would like to apologise to everyone was two of our rotating activities were not as advestised, we had gardening instead of multimedia drawing and posting instead of jelly trays. We are very sorry about this. Even so, all of the children had fun. Soil from the garden went everywhere and lots of flower masks were made. Hope you had a good week. Activities for next week to follow.

2017-03-09-515 2017-03-09-516 2017-03-09-518 2017-03-09-519 2017-03-09-520 2017-03-09-521 2017-03-09-522

Photos for Thursday 2nd March

Hello, here are the photos from last Thursday’s playgroup. Apologies for the lateness. We had lots of children this week and a few new ones, so welcome to all. New half term so spin painting this week, as well as the dolls house on the tuff spot and threading for the babies. We had lots of children playing with the dolls house, which was great to see and as always lots of people for tea and toast. Hope to see you all tomorrow. Regards and thanks.

2017-03-02-508 2017-03-02-509 2017-03-02-511 2017-03-02-512 2017-03-02-513 2017-03-02-514