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Christmas Party – Thursday 15th December

Hello, here are the details for the Christmas party. The baby area will be out, as will the tuffspot activity, which will be Decorating the tree. (See Photo). We will also have the ride-ons out, hopefully outside if good weather and a large table of party food, and chairs and tables. There also will be announcements and a visit from Santa, as he is passing on his Christmas rounds. Please bring food if you can, but make sure that your child has something available to eat at the party. If unsure, please do bring your own.

Regards and See you there.

Merry Christmas


Photos for Thursday 8th December

Here are the photos from last Thursday’s playgroup. Decorating the Christmas tree was extremely popular with the children, to the point where it ended up rather wonky by the end of the session. Decorating the biscuits was also good fun and the end results looked and tasted great, though some children decided to eat the biscults rather then decorate them. Which is fine, it’s Chirstmas, after all.

Get your Christmas jumpers and hats at the ready. Its the Christmas party on Thursday and a visit from Santa. Details to follow.


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Activities for Thursday 8th December

Hello everyone. Here are tomorrow’s activities:
On the Tuff Spot, we have Decorate The Christmas Tree, (Photo 1)
The craft is Decorate Biscuits (Photo 2)
for the Baby Activity, we have Muffin Tin Sorting, (Photo 3)
and for the Toddler Activity, we have Noddy Jigsaw. (Photo 4)

It is the Nativity this week. We will be heading to the church with the Vicar Godfrey for a short nativity service with some singing. It will start at around 10am, last for about30 minures, with tea and toast straight afterwards. Should be fun.

Regards, and see you there.


decorate biscuits



Photos for Thursday 1st December

Hello, here are the photos from last Thursday’s playgroup. Christmas was definitely in the air as we had a couple of fabulous Santas in the house, looking great and having lots of fun. The Winter wonderland looked good and everyone had a good time.

Penrhyn Bay Toddlers would like to thank everyone who did the Toddler Walk for our sick relative, Dominic Bergin. Please collect your sponserships and bring them in as soon as you can. We have raised £140 so far with some still outstanding.

A quick update from Dominic, he has now been able to get a better chemotherapy than was previously offered on the NHS and now getting the Herceptin and perjeta antibodies and avastin privately. This reduces the cost drastically from nearly £35,000 down to £6500. But he still has to go to Germany for the immunotherapies which will still be in the region of ‎€25000 each trip. He has just completed his fourth trip. He will be back again next month.
From all of us here at Penrhyn Bay Toddlers, good luck, Dom.

Thank you everyone or your help.


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