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Annual Deep-clean and Sort


The Penrhyn Bay Toddlers volunteers were out in force this week doing the annual deep-clean and sort of all of the toys for the coming year. We were fortunate with good weather and a lot got done. It will take a few days to complete everything and hoping for good weather again next week.

Hope you have had a good summer and see you in September.


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Holiday Activity: Alphabet Fish

Hello, Hope you have had a good summer. Here’s another holiday activity.

Holiday Activity: Alphabet Fish

A lovely idea.

Use indelible pens (Sharpies) to write lower case letters or numbers onto ping pong balls. Use the net, or a small sieve, to take them out in order. Later you can use the same set for initial letter identification or simple sums. The only place I know of that had ping pong balls is Stermat in Colwyn Bay at 6 for £1.



Holiday Activity: Olympic Touch

Make your own Olympic Torch.

brown construction paper
red, orange and yellow tissue paper

1) Cut a piece of brown construction paper into a square. (Photo 1)
2) Roll your square of paper into a cone shape. Glue or tape along the seam. (Photo 2)
3. Gather pieces of red, yellow, and orange tissue paper. Scrunch each piece of tissue paper in the centre. Tear the top to give it the ragged look of a flame. Glue (or simply stuff) tissue paper pieces into the torch. (Photo 3)
4) Host your own torch relay. Have the kids stagger themselves throughout your yard, house, or a nearby park, and then practice running and handing off the torch to one another.

Have fun.

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Holiday Activity: Homemade Street Traffic Theme Bath Sponges

Hello, it’s Holiday Activity time again.

This week we have Homemade Street Traffic Theme Bath Sponges. This will keep the kids busy while having a bath as well as stimulating their imaginations and developing their storytelling skills.
Cars, buses, trucks, houses, people, trees and street signs make up this fun homemade bath toy using kitchen cloth sponges.
You will need sharp scissors and sponge cloths; the sponges I have used are very thin and flat and came in a pack of 3. Cut with ordinary scissors – plastic templates make the job easier, and Sharpie pens can be used to add details.

Happy splash-splash.