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Raising funds: Seriously ill relative of some of the group’s volunteers needs your help

 Some of you may have already heard that Dominic Bergin, a relative of some of the group’s volunteers, is seriously ill and is raising funds towards lifesaving treatment that is only available in Germany. To find out more, or to help, please follow this link:

Please spread the word. Please share with your friends.
Thank you.

Holiday Activity: Family Prints

Summer weather and summer holidays have both arrived this week. There won’t be any regular meetings until the 8th of September (when school starts again), but in the meantime we’re posting a crafty activity or idea each week. This week it’s family prints!

Family Prints

Either buy a boxed canvas frame or use white card pasted onto a slightly larger contrasting colour piece of card. Use any paint you wish, washable preferably as handprints don’t always go where you want them to!!!

Have fun x

Photos for Thursday 7th July

Hello, here are photos from Thursday’s playgroup. There was a very fine rain all morning, so we went inside, not that there was any less fun! You made all sorts of colours in the shaving foam, and several made windcatchers too.

It was so good to see so many familiar faces coming back. Remember that this Thursday will be our Summer Party (hooray!), and our last session until September.

Regards and see you there.

Shaving foam plus paint makes fun16070010Making a WindcatcherFinished WindcatcherToys AboveTime to SlideUnder the ParachuteUnder the Parachute

Activities for Thursday 7th July

Hello everyone, here are tomorrow’s activities:
The craft is Wind Catcher. (Photo 1)
On the Tuff Spot, we have Shaving Foam and Paint (not autumn!). (Photo 2)
for the Baby Activity, we have Muffin Tin Sorting, (Photo 3)
and for the Toddler Activity, we have Blackboards and Chalks. (Photo 4)
Regards, and see you there.

Wind catchershaving foam and autumn colours paintMuffin Tin SortingBlackboard and Chalks

Photos for Thursday 30th June

Hello, here are photos from Thursday’s playgroup. Welcome to all of our new children. We were outside again though but it was dry but a little chilly. We had ice on the tuff spot as well as posting for the babies. We had the babies outside was well as the craft. We also had tea and coffee indoors. Activities for next week to follow.

2016-06-30-273 2016-06-30-274 2016-06-30-275 2016-06-30-276 2016-06-30-277 2016-06-30-278 2016-06-30-279