Monthly Archives: May 2016

Photos for Thursday 19th May

Hello everyone, unfortunately there are no photos for last thursday playgroup. I was ill and didn’t make the session. However the session when ahead as usual and there was glorious weather again so the session was outside with ride-ons, baby area, craft, sand pit and playdoh. Activities for this Thursday will follow and I hope you have had a good week. See you there.

Photos for Thursday 12th May

Hello, here are the photos from Thursday’s playgroup. It was a glorious day, with the sun shining so we did the entire playgroup except the tea / coffee and toast outside. We had the craft, baby area and tuff spots by the windows, the kitchens were by the sheds and we also had the sand pit out for the first in a long time as it as an outdoor only activity and of course, lots of ride-ons. If the weather holds out and we continue to get good weather, we will be outside again next week. Thanks and see you next week.

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Photos for Thursday 5th May

Hello, Here are the photographs of last thursday’s playgroup. The weather was wonderful so most of the children were outside for most of the session but the craft and baby area were available inside as usual. The new baby activitiy work really well and ball pond was still there and as popular with the children as ever. Thursday’s activities to follow. Have a good week. Regards.

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