Monthly Archives: March 2016

Photos from Thursday 17th March

Hello, photos from Thursday’s playgroup. The trucks on the tuffspot were really good this week and well as the posting for the babies. The tunnels were out again this week as well as megbloks for the toddlers. We are open next week Thursday 24th March, it is the last session before easter. The day before Good Friday. Hope to see you. Regards.

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Photos for Thursday 3rd March

Here are the photos from Thursday’s playgroup. It was nice to see everyone there. Lots of Mother’s Day cards were made and we tried a new layout with the baby area. It worked but needs slight improved. We had chalk boards for the toddlers and the tunnels out instead of the slides. The kitchen area was popular as always and singing and parachute to finish, plus we also had a donation of a rocking horse. Thank you very much.

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