Monthly Archives: February 2016

Welcome back Everyone

Hello everyone, we’re BACK for a new half term. Thursday 25th February and onwards for the next five weeks. Its a short one so lets make the most of it. We have lots of fun activities for the children and babies. Usual setup, craft, baby activity, toddler activity and the Tuff spot by the main door, changing each week, with the playdoh, Happyland, baby area, kichen and ball pool remaining every week. If the weather improves, we will have the ride-ons outside. Please let your friends know about us, and hope to see you in the coming weeks. Thank you everyone.

Photos for Thursday 11th February

Apologies for the delay, Here are the photos for last Thursday playgroup, the one just before half-term. It was a cold but dry day so we had the ride-ons out outside and the pom-pom sorting inside for the babies. We also had jigsaws for the older ones with the weekly party in the kitchen. The next playgroup will be Thursday 25th February.

See you then.

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Photos for Thursday 28th January

Photos from Thursday’s playgroup. The cake decorating was fun and tasted fab and the beach with the lorries was great. The Playdoh and kitchens were out as usual and we would like to welcome our new children this week. Tea and toast for all and the baby chairs were popular and get used every playgroup. Great fun for all.

2016-01-28-063 2016-01-28-064 2016-01-28-065 2016-01-28-066 2016-01-28-067 2016-01-28-068 2016-01-28-069 2016-01-28-070