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Christmas Party Events on Thursday 17th December

Hello, here are Christmas Party events, We have lots of exciting events happening at playgroup for the party, including singing carols (Photo 1), food buffet, live music from a local musician, decorating the Christmas tree (Photo 2) and of course, our regulars such as the baby area (Photo 3) and parachute games (Photo 4) will also be there. Finally, there is going to a very special visit from Santa to hello to the children.
Hope to see you there and Merry Christmas.

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Nativity at Playgroup on Thursday 10th December

We are having a nativity scene done tomorrow by Godfrey, the St, David Church Vicar in the Church for the children. It will be half an hour and it starts at 9.30am.

Same start time as normal.

If you arrive late, please go straight to the Church rather to the hall.

Someone will be there to guide you to the correct place, if you are unsure of anything.

Hope to see you there.


(P.S. Photos are from last year)